Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards 2011- Ten Beautiful Faces

Last night's Oscars were less painful than other red carpet events in recent memory. Maybe because I kept E! on mute for most of the time, or perhaps it was excitement for Colin Firth. I wonder how many women (and men) sighed with contentment and smiled inwardly at the thought of Mr. Darcy's victory. I couldn't help it.

The stars' makeup was exceptionally beautiful. Even in those cases where I hated the dresses (hello, Cate Blanchett), hair and makeup was mostly flawless and quite varied. We saw everything- muted natural tones, sultry eyes and the trendy orange lipstick, and they all allowed the beautiful faces to shine.

Helena Bonham-Carter left Bellatrix Le Strange at home and brought her own gorgeous self to the ceremony. Her hair is larger than life and suits her perfectly.

Amy Adams championed NARS spring collection, proving that wearing all these bold colors together might be a bit overwhelming on one delicate face. She's sporting the new Velvet Lip Gloss Pencil in Baroque, which I love. Mandy Moore was also wearing NARS, both on the red carpet and during her on-stage performance. No word what exactly happened to Zack Levi's face to make his so orange, though.

Cate Blanchett wore the conversation piece of the night. Her haircut was among the most beautiful, though and her makeup (I think I've heard it was Lancome) illuminated her in all the right places. Other two beautiful blondes were Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Williams. I'm still not crazy about Michelle's platinum blonde, but the Jane Seberg/ pre-crazy Mia Farrow thing suits her well. Now, if we could only make her smile.

Everyone's favorite brunettes both opted for bold lips. Sandra didn't look as relaxed as she claimed to be, but I liked her hair far better without the blunt fringe from a couple of months ago.

Jennifer Hudson's oddly placed breasts distracted many from asking questions about her face. Someone went to town with a full coverage foundation. I prefer Jennifer looking a little more natural.

To end things on a more pleasant note, let's look at Natalie Portman:

Top photo of snowy mountains behind the Hollywood sign on Sunday morning from All other photos: Just Jared.


  1. Wow, Natalie Portman looks gorgeous. Her dress was one of my favorites of the night, I love her earrings, and the makeup is very nice, too. She really hit it out of the park.

  2. Natalie Portman does look beautiful, & her speech was very sweet. Ms. Paltrow, however, looks hideous.

  3. I don't think Gwyneth Paltrow is attractive. She is a wonderful actress and an okay singer, but her dark mascara and no-eyebrow look is creepy.

    Anne Hathaway creeped me out, too. Her naturally beautiful features were way overly made up. Those giant red lips, UGH. She mugged, simpered and giggled throughout the show. She looked like a mad marionette.

    Cate's dress was weird.

    Sorry, my honest opinions.

  4. I thought Gwyn's hair was lank and boring...kind of like the rest of her!

    But at least no one showed up in a giant egg.

  5. Natalie looks fantastic. Beautiful, hair, complexion, she always looks amazing. Glad to see her glowing throughout her pregnancy.

  6. I actually really liked Cate B's dress. It seemed appropriate for her to wear something very "designy" since she presented the award for Best Costume Design.

    It definitely took me aback, but once I got used to the dress, her whole look was very appealing. I also thought Hale Berry looked incredible. She had a very soft look about her last night and was stunning.

  7. I didn't watch the awards at all, but have been looking at the photos online. I'm not sure about Portman's hair on one side. I too would like to see more eyebrows on Paltrow. I thought strong eyebrows were now de rigeur. I too like Cate Blanchett's daring dress. I liked Hudson's dress, it fit her so nicely almost everywhere, too bad about her cleavage and makeup. And, I still think Williams' stiff face makes it look like she's had botox or more. Ah, off my chest.

  8. I just looked at Paltrow's photo again. She reminds me of a tall glass of milk. She needs some color!

  9. *sigh* Jennifer would have looked fantastic if at least they had matched the skin tone on the visible parts of her cleavage. That aside, she looked amazing. mm something is odd about Gywneth Paltrow's brows but maybe it's not a great angle.

  10. i think gweneth looks terible in that makeup! natalie, on the other hand, looks lovely.


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