Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Christina Hendricks Flies Out

There was something about Christina Hendricks' look as she was arriving at LAX last Friday on her way to Paris with her husband. We usually see her either overly made up on the red carpet or a bit too casual in leggings and t-shirts in Los Angeles. But here she's looking both fresh and jet-set sophisticate. Is it the scarf? The coat? Or maybe simply because she looks happy. In any case, she's gorgeous.

Photos: Just Jared


  1. She is SO beautiful! I'm totally jealous (in a good way of course)

  2. So pretty with just the simple hair and no goop on her face. And I love the way the red bag and the red hair accentuate each other.

  3. I. Would. KILL. For that skin. And for that Birkin.

  4. i love her glasses. she looks so pretty...


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