Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eva Longoria At The 2011 Grammys

I wasn't really interested in the Grammys' red carpet. It's not somewhere I'd look to get inspired, so the usual fare of tacky dresses and eyelashes made of small furry animals didn't bother me. Until I saw the above photo of Eva Longoria. What exactly did she do to her makeup artist that he or she felt the need for such a cruel revenge? It's a true achievement, actually- they made her look both scary and washed out at the same time, something that requires quite a bit of talent. And those gray eyebrows... I have no words.

Poor Eva.

Photo: zimbio.com


  1. Why do they always use such a light powder under her eyes? It must be something she insists on, because surely no make-up artist would want to send someone out looking like that.

  2. Even disregarding the heinous concealer, she always wears foundation that is entirely too light for her.

  3. I just can't get past those eyelashes, do people really think they look good?

  4. Is it just me?....I think she looks beautiful.

  5. She does not look that different from other people I have seen. This is what gets me: the same repetitious looks and reviews over makeup that is just not that special.

  6. Eva is so pretty but there's something to be said for too much of a good thing??
    With all that's going on in her life, perhaps it'd be good to lay low, cuddle with a kitty on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.


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