Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011- Blogging The Red Carpet

The first hour of the Red Carpet show is always awkward. The bigger stars are still circling the premises in their limos and we're left to deal with Kelly Osbourne's tattoos, Giuliana Rancic's improv skills and other weirdness. This time in the form of Daphne Zuniga (seriously?) and her dress.

Then there's cleavage and the lack of. Mila Kunis is showing all the skin while Florence Welch, Amy Adams and Michelle Williams are nunfully covered. Interesting trend, for sure. Speaking of the beautiful Michelle, she looks so fragile and unhappy. Is Ryan Seacrest making her cry? She looks like all she wants is to return to the arms of her publicist who seems ready to swoop in and save her at any moment.

But then there's a kind of hush (well, my TV is now on mute) and Anne Hathaway does what she do best: remind us what's Hollywood glamor is all about. It's vintage and it's Valentino. Best red dress of the night, especially since I'm really not too crazy about Jennifer Lawrence Baywatch dress. But seriously, the way Jennifer looks she really doesn't need my approval.

I'm having a moment here. Cate Blanchett and the bad robot dress. Even she can't get away with that one. Sorry. Same goes for Scarlett Johansson and that hairstyle. It doesn't work, especially not with that high neckline. The dress is beautiful, by the way.

Sharon Stone has embraced her inner Cruella de Vil. Surprisingly or not, this looks is working great for her. I also like Hilary Swank, ostrich feathers or not. I just wish she'd wear a darker lipstick. A little color won't kill her.

Love: Reese Witherspoon's hair and makeup. Don't love: the lack of imagination in her dress. Love: Gwyneth Paltrow's dress (note to Cate Blanchett: that's how you do futuristic). Don't love: Nicole Kidman's origami dress.

One last thought for the night: Emeralds. I want some.

Photos: Just Jared


  1. You put to words what I was thinking lately, Michelle Williams always looks sad lately, and older than her years. I would love to see her really smiling and in something youthful. Plus I think that hair color is aging her. I love Anne's dress, I'd like to have a bit more curve in it but it's simply lovely.

  2. Michelle Williams almost looks like she's had botox. Her face is a bit stiff.

  3. I loved all your comments!! So true.


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