Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Andie MacDowell In 2011 Melbourne Fashion Festival

Andie MacDowell,  her magnificent curls and big smile made the early 1990s a lot more tolerable for many of us who couldn't identify with the Kate Moss aesthetics. Upon seeing a bunch of red carpet photos from the 2011 Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia I thought she might have cut her hair, but apparently it's just an updo and the Andie MacDowell legend is as gorgeous as ever:

And here's one from the 90s, just because:

Photos of Andie MacDowell attending 2011 Melbourne Fashion Festival by Marianna Massey/Getty Images via Zimbio
Older photo:


  1. She was one of my favorite celebrities and beauty icons, too. I miss seeing her everywhere.

  2. Viva Ms. MacDowell! She looks wonderful. She was always one of my favorites, too... someone needed to represent the curly-haired brunettes amongst us!

  3. I love Andie. She's so fabulous.

  4. She looks fantastic, absolutely stunning.

  5. Thank you! Always loved her, and it never occurred to me until just now that it was for all the reasons you mention.


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