Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christina Hendricks in Vivienne Westwood Jewelry And Some Really Bad Pants

Christina Hendricks attended the Vivienne Westwood Melrose store opening looking radiant, gorgeous and badly dressed. I could live with the busy and costume-like top, even if it looks like a wardrobe reject from a Tim Burton film. But the pleated ankle pants couldn't be more wrong for Christina's figure (and anyone else's, really). Pleated pants look awful on women's bodies. Pleated tapered pants are even worse.

The Vivienne Westwood brooch, on the other hand is nearly as beautiful as Christina's face.

Photos: Getty Images via Zimbio


  1. Oh, Christina. She's kind of a hot mess here. Nothing goes with anything. Her 70s shag doesn't match the cinched top. And the pants...who looks good in shiny pants? No one. Does she have a stylist?

  2. I think she looks adorable, except for those pants

  3. Her skin and makeup are drool worthy, but the outfit and haircut, not so much :-(

  4. Outfit is not good, but yes, the brooch is fabulous.

  5. I do love that top although my first thought was how Ren Faire-ish. Burn the pants though!


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