Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ashley Judd will not hire this makeup artist again

Earlier today I was reading parts of an interview with Gwen Stefani where she talked about her distrust of the work many makeup artists do. I was thinking that more often than not, the problem is far less the makeup artist's skills and more about their familiarity with the client's face and needs- from a hard to match skin tone to a specific face shape that requires to do things a bit differently than the artist's go-to method.

I don't know who did Ashley Judd's makeup for this book signing. Maybe she did it herself and then she has no one else to blame. After all, there are several other bad choices here- from her dress to whatever procedure Ashley had done on her face. But if there were any professionals behind this look and abundant use of light-reflecting concealer and who knows what else (or the godawful lipstick), the people who did this to Ashley Judd should not work again for a very long time.

Nicole Kidman had a similar issue a year or so ago. One would think that unnatural disaster would have taught everyone a lesson:

Photos: Dlisted.


  1. This is actually the fault of Make Up For Ever's HD setting powder. It looks great in person, but not flash photography.

  2. Poor Ashley - looks like she has a Bandaid on her nose.

  3. To echo the comment above, it's apparently MUFE's HD powder. Another site discusses it here:

    It's apparently hit Uma Thurman and Eva Longoria too. Why would artists continue to use it if it flash photographs this way?

  4. I was thinking that it was something about wearing TV makeup and I guess that's the case. MUFE HD is for High-Def televsion shows but show up really poorly in flash photography.

    Maybe she still had her "Today Show" make-up on?

  5. This normally beautiful woman looks like a hot mess. Her stylist and makeup artist and hair stylist should all be fired. Ugh. I can't look at it, yet I can't look away!

  6. Oh dear, that is not a good look...

  7. Agree that HD makeup doesn't work with flash photography.
    My pet peeve is HDTV period. I find myself distracted by the reflection of the very bright filming lights that I now see in the performers eyes. And I feel sorry for everyone having to wear all that makeup to disguise "flaws" that were previously not visible in low? normal? definition TV.

    -- Lindaloo

  8. Blame it on the MUFE HD powder!
    Poor Ashley, for me she was always a beautiful girl. The face looks swollen. Regarding NK, let's not even go there...

  9. Maybe she's in her Adam Ant in his Kings of the Wild Frontier phase.

    But, seriously, it's unfortunate, and I feel like I keep seeing this happen. It can't be good for Make Up For Ever, right?

  10. WTF? What would possess lovely Ashley Judd to have any plastic surgery procedure? That, combined with the awful makeup job serve to age her by a decade, rather than making her look younger.

    Nicole Kidman's forehead is so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. Are these (originally) natural beauties really so petrified of aging?

  11. I think she raided mama Naomi's closet for that dress too.

  12. Both women have unbelievably beautiful skin naturally. It's a shame to see them like this!

  13. I am sure Ashley is not blind, the same goes for Nicole. This travesty only serves for her to stay in the spotlight. When you post on it, she gets exactly what she wanted. If I were you, I would ignore this kind of conduct. I guess that book is not worth reading.


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