Monday, April 04, 2011

Laetitia Casta Hit By The Curse Of The Pleated Pants

It's simple common sense: If a perfect supermodel like Laetitia Casta can't make pleated pants look good, neither can the rest of us.

CC: fasion buyers everywhere and the lady walking in front on me on Saturday afternoon.

Photo of Laetitia Casta at a Rio screening in Paris via Zimbio.


  1. Plus a denim blazer. Seriously.

  2. And don't forget those hideous shoes. Ugggggh.

  3. O.M.G. This was actually a bit of a self esteem boost for me today, lol. I know I can always rely on you Gaia for the most interesting bits of news in everything! Thank you :)

  4. This look is truly horrendous, WOW. The pants, the shoes, the jacket and blouse together.. Good lord!

  5. Especially when her pleated pants are some 2-3 sizes larger than she'd need them...

  6. Please don't tell me these poofy pleated horrors are coming back in style! They could make a broomstick look hippy. Resist, resist!

  7. nonsense, the trouble with any pant is to have them properly hemmed (to flats or heels) these obviously haven't by the heavy bunching at the ankles thereby ruining the line and the fit.


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