Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Robin Wright's Pant Suits Style

Robin Wright will always be the Princess Bride, no matter what (speaking of which, have you entered the No More Waity, Katie royal giveaway?). She looks even prettier now that she dropped the dead weight of Sean Penn from her name and her life (am I the only one who feels Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson fully deserve each other?).

 I was looking at photos of Robin from the last few days as she's now promoting her movie The Conspirator and realized that we often see her in pant suits, some better than others. The gray Vivienne Westwood was not a high fashion point, mostly because it didn't fit in the chest area. There seem to be quite a few black and white suits in Robin Wright's closet- see photos from the last couple of years. Yes, the next one is of Robin's brief moment as a brunette next to Sienna Miller.

...and for a change:

The last photo is the closest I could find of Robin wearing other colors and I love the softness. The warm colors play up her flawless skin. In any case, no matter what she's wearing, Robin Right is as amazingly beautiful today as she was back in 1989. She often gives a vibe of 1970s glam- something about the blond waves and sharp cheek bones. Gold accessories with any of her white pant suits and she's in Farrah Fawcett land.

Photos: Getty Images, Zimbio and Celebitchy


  1. A favorite star of mine! I love seeing her in anything (and I'll echo you about the loss of Penn), so thanks for the photos!

  2. you're right - she does look better without him! but i wouldn't curse scarlett with him! ha!


  3. I'm glad she's free of him but obviously Scarlett needs glasses though. Sean Penn?? *shudders*

  4. Can't agree more about losing the "Penn weight". Admittedly, he can sometimes border on acting genius, but is all too often an overwrought ham. Robin, on the other hand, can be counted on to consistently bring in an intelligent and finely detailed performance. And she's aged so beautifully.

  5. I hope not. Aren’t there stories about domestic abuse or him having a terrible temper. I could be wrong or confusing him with another old guy.


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