Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Angelina Jolie In Color

Announcing that Angelia Jolie is wearing color sounds a bit like the promos of yore "Garbo Laughs!". Except that, well, Angelina is no Greta Garbo. Still, she's looking as glamorous and beautiful as ever, if not more in the Tree Of Life Los Angeles Premier. I love this tomato red Jenny Peckham dress and elegant makeup. Brad Pitt also shaved his infamous beard (and 15 years) off his face. I still dislike him, though.

Photo: Getty Images


  1. Wow she looks stunning here. I love that colour on her!

  2. She looks so tired but the dress is a lovely bright choice.

  3. Angelina and I have similar complexions and I always wear dark colors or white or gray. However, I will wear orange and coral. It works for me and it works for her. I noticed Zara is all about orange this season.
    I just wish she'd gain about 10 pounds so she doesn't look so ragged.

  4. I love the color, but not on her. I think it is the hair color that is throwing me off a bit. Like Victoria, I wish she would gain about 10 pounds to fill out her face a little. I think they are such a beautiful couple together, but I think she shines best in dark green personally.

  5. I usually don't comment on weight, but they don't look healthy at all. Wonder how it affects their kids.. :p

  6. Angelina looks completely stunning here! I love the bright red-coral dress and the makeup she has on. Lately she's been my style icon--- if only I could be so glamorous =)

    Oh, and about Brad, I dislike him too. The really poor haircuts and beards don't help either.

  7. I dislike both of those people.
    Would not suit me, but it is a pretty color for a dress.


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