Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Don't Try This At Home

Please don't...

...borrow Lady Gaga's shoes.

And don't wear a skirt withe extra padding where no human female needs it (unless you're Anna Wintour who can actually pull off this Marc Jacobs skirt).

Or get your fashion inspiration from Laura Bush (even if it's a Chanel jacket and you're Ashley Olsen)...

And definitely don't wear this:

Lady Gaga's shoes at the CFDA Awards 2011- life.com
Anna Wintour in a Marc Jacobs skirt from the same event- redcarpet-fashionawards.com
Ashley (and Mary-Kate) Olsen, again at the CFDA Awards -celebrity-gossip.net
Ashlee Simpson in a ridiculous floral romper - Just Jared


  1. Ahhhh I love these posts. Thank you!

  2. Those "shoes" are prima facie evidence that Lady GaGa needs regular care from a mental health professional.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  3. ROFL. Oh goodness I hate those shoes and that skirt... but ITA, the last outfit is so Laura Bush.

  4. oops, i wore the romper in elementary school... don't be mad.

    yikes! the olsen in the golden jacket looks like the other one's mother!! what a crazy, aging look!

    gaga needs to chill. she is becoming a parody of herself. relax, girl. just be a real person and show your monsters how to transition from drama queen theatre into real life. drama queens become tiresome very quickly... it's not something that can be successfullly sustained. and it's okay to be yourself.


  5. I rather like that skirt...well...they'd have to take off the attached oven mitts first. Why would anyone plop those things on a perfectly lovely skirt?

  6. C., thank you :) these posts are always fun to write.

  7. Lawrence, and that's before you even saw the hair and makeup...

  8. JC., Ashley's outfit is a proof even Uncle Karl makes mistakes.

  9. Minette, you're so right. I find it ridiculous that the whole "be yourself" thing Gaga is supposedly preaching translates into "be as uncomfortable as possibly be and hide behind all this fake stuff" instead about being true to yourself.

  10. Evelyn, that's exactly what I'd like to know. Without the oven mitts (perfect description, by the way), this is a very chic skirt.


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