Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eva Mendes In Jenni Kayne, Miu Miu and Sophia Loren Glasses

I can't say that I'm crazy about the sunglasses Eva Mendes was sporting on Monday in NYC. They have a Sophia Loren vibe, though, so maybe that was the point. I do love her Jenni Kayne orange dress with the Miu Miu bag. They say SUMMER!.

Photos of Eva Mendes by Bauer Griffin via Just Jarred. Photo of Sophia Loren from Oh No They Didn't!


  1. eep! I think Sophia Loren can pull of the glasses but definitely not Eva. Kind of remind me of the horrid glasses I had to wear back in the day before they started making thin frames and lenses.

  2. Call me territorial or fussy, but I prefer that Eva (or any other fledgling bombshell) not swipe such an iconic beauty's style--at least in such a conspicuous manner. Wearing those glasses just reasserts that she's definitely not Sophia Loren.


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