Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Kate Walsh On 'Extra' At The Grove

Kate Walsh made an appearance on "Extra" TV at the Grove in Los Angeles yesterday. It looks like she was promoting her perfume (give it a try. It's lovely). I love the color of her Isabel Marant dress, but this stretch skintight crochet material tends to look cheap on most women who actually have the figure to fill it up. These dresses tend to look better on mannequins who don't move, because as soon as you see the stretching all elegance is lost. A shame, really, because Kate Walsh has what it takes to be a trend setter.



  1. She had me with the beautiful blue dress, but the sheerness of it was completely unnecessary. Her hair looks good as always!

  2. I love her but that dress is wildly unflattering. :(

  3. girl's got great gams!

    but one of those body types that are thick in the middle, so this dress does nothing for her.

    like the color, though!


  4. I think whatever white thing she's wearing underneath is really making the dress look worse than it is (anyway I'm not a fan of this type of dress to begin with). Too bad!

  5. Perhaps if the undergarment was nazy it might have worked.

  6. Braved a local Sephora yesterday to pick up Boyfriend, only to find them sold out of the small roller I wanted ... because Kate Walsh herself had been in the store THE DAY BEFORE signing for a promo event. *depressed*


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