Friday, July 22, 2011

Katy Perry Back To Her Blonde Roots

It's easy to forget that Katy Perry is actually a natural blonde. She's ditched the harsh black hair last month and has been gradually going lighter. First it was red(dish) hair and cat ears for the Toronto appearance to promote her perfume (a syrupy mess, if you're wondering):

Now Katy is once again a blonde, as seen on MTV yesterday. I don't think Katy Perry has looked this adorable since her high school days:

Photos: Just Jared, Time INC and


  1. What a cutie. I actually rather like the red hair and kitty ears--makes me smile which I'm sure was the intention :-)

  2. Yep; she's pretty cute. I liked her as a brunette, and did not know that she was a natural blonde. I rather thought she was a lighter brunette. But she is a pretty girl, anyway.

  3. The red was nice, but I thinks she looks better with a darker hair colour.

    I could be biased as a naturally raven haired gal myself...

  4. I prefer her with darker hair and I barely recognize her with the lighter hair.

  5. The blonde do looks so much more natural and genuine. Wasn't a fan of the dark hair at all--- too overdone and teen-rebellion-like. Maybe I'm biased, but I think people tend to look best with hair color near to their original!

  6. She looked sort of like Amy Adams with the red hair!

  7. I prefer darker but maybe not such a harsh black but a dark ash brown. It is interesting that someone can go so drastically the opposite direction and then it be so flattering to them.


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