Monday, July 25, 2011

Smurfs World Premiere In NYC

My sister will be the first one to testify how much I've always hated the Smurfs. And I mean really hate: I kept hoping that poor cat would once and for all catch and eat these stupid blue creatures. It could have been my favorite episode. So, no, I have no interest in watching the Smurfs movie, but even I have to admit there was a lot of adorableness and fun at the world premiere in NYC the other night.

From the wonderful Tim Gunn (don't forget the new season of Project Runway starts this Thursday!) to my beloved Alan Cumming- everyone seemed to be having a great time. There was also quite a bit of color, playful makeup and accessorizing. Katy Perry went all out there, including a Smurf manicure. Sofia Vergara chose purple, but her earrings were Smurf-appropriate, as were the ones on Brooke Shields. The one eyebrow raising choice was Jayma Mays' lipstick. That chalky coral didn't do her any favors.



  1. what on earth is the matter with Brooke Shields, there? Her face looks so tired and heavy, like she just dropped a basket of freshly folded laundry all over the the laundromat.

    Maybe she hates Smurfs, too!

  2. Did you see the spread in August Harper's Bazaar featuring the Smurfette? I did think that was pretty cute and clever.

    I too was never a Smurfs fan. Never got the appeal. Ugh.

  3. How cute is Katie Perry? Love it. I'm too old to have watched the smurfs as a kid but my oldest adored the smurfs and strawberry shortcake. I was a teen mom so I guess technically we could have enjoyed the same cartoons? hah.


  4. I'm not a Smurfs fan either, but totally loving the fashion! I'd wear that dress if I looked as good as Katy Perry does. And doesn't Alan Cumming have the most appealing dimples of anyone?


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