Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eva Longoria Films A Reality TV Show

...And I don't want any part of this reality. This probably not the tackiest outfit we've seen lately, but, still. Eva Longoria should a) know better, and b) afford a stylist who doesn't hate her.

What say you?

Photos: Faded Youth Blog


  1. this is so tragic. modified lederhosen for the fail.

  2. Since she broke up with hubby she has been dressing like this. Did she not wear a jacket and shorts outfit on the David Letterman show? She is obviously, too obviously, trying to be 'sexy + young'. I think she trending to trashy. Has that whiff of desperation.

  3. Oh, that is truly awful. I've obviously not seen any recent photos as in my mind she's always looks chic and sophisticated. This looks like an error. Especially from the rear...

  4. The words that come to my mind should not be expressed in print.

  5. Gackkkk!

    (hairball ejection sound.)

    Mercy! I would think (but do not know-!) that one does not have to wear everything the stylist offers.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  6. Well that's just dreadful. At first I thought she forgot her pants...or skirt. Maybe it's just me, but I think outfits should create a balance to the body and it seems that many stylists just choose unflattering clothes for their celebs.

  7. evelyn, unfortunately many celebrity stylist are so crooked nowadays that they will put their client in whatever ensemble gives them a higher bonus.

  8. What I don't understand-& this is a general comment about celebrities who use stylists-is why they don't know how to dress themselves at this point in their lives! They're no longer pre-school children who need Mommy to help them get ready in the morning. It's pathetic. That's why I admire Nicole Kidman who, from what I've read, chooses her own clothes & (most of the time) looks great in them.

  9. She looks like Mariah Carey. And that's NOT a compliment.

  10. Uh, oh my is all I can say- an remain polite.


  11. This is like some unsettling dream about going out in public half-dressed. Eva, you're very beautiful, don't do this to yourself.

    -- Annunziata --

  12. Here's a theory that popped into my head: She was on a VERY tight schedule,HAD TO change in the limo on the way,SOMEONE spilled a HOT coffee allover the REAL outfit(except the jacket and shoes-the jacket was going to be put on AFTER hair and makeup and so was saved) she had wriggled into and of course she had to get out of that IMMEDIATELY or be scalded.
    The outfit she's in is the stylist's undies and the originally planned White Jacket and Blue Heels.
    Therefore I wonder where the lowcut(plunging) halter top and white cigarrette pants went?Did the stylist wear them?

    1. Forget all this crap!! She is dressed perfectly for whatever..


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