Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gwen Stefani- What Was She Thinking?

Last time I checked, going out for a pedicure involved being seen in public. By people. Innocent people. People who generally deserve better than to happen upon a celeb in... what exactly is it that Gwen Stefani is wearing here?

Gwen Stefani is usually one of the most stylish celebrities one could find. She has her own fashion line that I tend to mostly like. So what, in the name of puppies and kittens, was she thinking when she put on these clothes and left the house?

Photos: Faded Youth Blog.


  1. Oh my, I thought those were cleaning the house clothes. lol

  2. Not even cleaning the house clothes, unless it's handy to actually wear the cleaning rag.

    -- Lindaloo

  3. isn't she rich enough to have the pedicurist come to HER?

  4. Oh.My. That's an unfortunate look for such a beautful young woman.

  5. Uh - it's a disguise? ~~nozknoz

  6. Could it be that she intends to bring back the ripped and torn 80's look?

  7. Oh my. Very castaway chic, or rather just castaway...

  8. OH MY! I think she can afford a new one of whatever it is she is wearing!


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