Monday, August 15, 2011

Jane Lynch In Alexander McQueen

We're so used to seeing Jane Lynch in her Sue Sylvester track suits it's easy to forget how beautiful and regal she is (I saw her on stage a couple of years ago and was awestruck). Here is Jane Lynch attending the VH1 Do Something Awards over the weekend, looking incredible in her Alexander McQueen gown.


Photos by Getty Images via Zimbio.


  1. Yes, Jane is pretty great. And a very pretty woman. This style suits her impeccably. I look forward to seeing her this autumn in the Glee series.

  2. God, she looks gorgeous. I'm happy that she's found such success after decades of toiling in ensemble casts. She's brilliant.

  3. She looks gorgeous and the dress is fab, but it looks like it should have been pulled up at the top an extra two inches (to the armpit). She looks almost undressed on top.

  4. I agree about the low-riding top, but she looks fantastic, and her skin is incredible. She was fun to watch in The L Word, and I watch Glee primarily because of her. I don't give a diddly for the Glee kids, but she makes the show delicious!


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