Friday, September 16, 2011

Paz de la Huerta Brings The Bad Lip Liner Back

Paz de la Huerta made Pamela Anderson proud the other night at the season 2 premiere of Boardwalk Empire in NYC. I don't know what Paz was thinking, and frankly, I'm too scared to attempt a guess. All I can say (request and beg) is:  Don't try this at home!

Photo of Paz de la Huerta from Dlisted.


  1. She'd actually fallen over several times before this photo was taken. She is a sad alcoholic who is continually banned from events due to excessive drunkenness. Kind of explains the make up. On top of horrible plastic surgery. All sad.

  2. Nooo! No no no no no this is just WRONG!

  3. I love her look so much - I'll admit it. It's a shame she's such a holy terror, though.

    She used to be gorgeous - look up pictures of her as a teen. She had so much unnecessary plastic surgery.

  4. She is plain scary !

  5. those are the lips the girl gang members do here in houston (and l.a.). you can learn the "chula" makeup style on youtube.

    i kinda like it on paz, actually. but it's wild to see in real life, let me tell you!


  6. This child always makes me cringe when I see her lately. She's in dire need of an intervention. She has a fantastic figure and she could really market herself more wisely. She has ads for the fall line of Agent Provacateur and they are so base and crude that I actually am turned off to that line. First time I've ever been influenced not to purchase something by a model. LOL. Goodness.



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