Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sienna Miller at the Moet & Chandon Etoile Awards

I'm never entirely sure how I feel about Sienna Miller herself, despite seeing her not just on the big screen but also onstage. I'm just as undecided about her makeup look at the Moet & Chandon Etoile Awards the other night. No there's no arguing that Sienna Miller is a beautiful young woman with a somewhat edgy look (refreshing in the Kardashian era), I'm just not sure that the matte brownish lipstick is a good choice for her and there's something aging in the heavily lined eyes.

What say you?

Photos: Just Jared


  1. Gaia, I absolutely agree with you that she is very refreshing in lacking some of that mannequin-face makeup and overexposed T&A, but this isn't the best I've seen her. She looks disheveled and messy, not in a sexy way but more in a manic-break way.

  2. Oh my, I didn't even recognize her. Not good when your makeup ages you, it's just supposed to make you look like a better version of you.

  3. Gah!!!! Unrecognizable! Dark brown lips + heavy eyeliner = REALLY old looking. If Sienna Miller can't pull off this look, it should be a warning to all!

  4. Never did care for brown lipsticks; even on redheads. But Sienna Miller is a beauty, no? She could do better and has.

  5. Less eyeliner and a vampy purplish-red would have been great with this dress, I think. As her makeup is now, it's a miss.

  6. I think this could've been a great look, but perhaps the execution of it leaves a little to be desired?

  7. For blondes, dark eyes or dark lips, but never both. She looks corpse-like. I would NEVER have even guessed it was her. Nice to see her experimenting with a dramatic look but its just too much.


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