Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bad Styling Happens To Beautiful People

Truth be told, Rosie Hunting-Whiteley can wear your grand-grandma's floral house coat and still look smashing, but yesterday's ensemble of a nude corset top and a silver patterned skirt at some event in Milan just doesn't work for me. Something about the color combination and the undergarment feel of the top is off.

Speaking of undergarments, Reese Whitherspoon makes an unusual choice for her and shows quite a bit of bra. Is it an attempt to make the pantsuit look more sexy and less Hilary Clinton? Perhaps. But Reese should know better (and usually does. No one works an LBD as well as her).

Attending the same event as Reese Whitherspoon, Elle's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute on Monday, Jennifer Aniston insisted on showing way too much skin. Jen is usually styled to perfection, so I don't know whose idea was to make her look like a Vegas cocktail waitress. Is she trying too hard?

All photos: Just Jared


  1. I know Reese has a great body, but she doesn't even look regularly sized on this photo. :(
    For Rosie I have no comment except, she looks half naked. Even though she isn't.
    I like Jen so much, she can wear even this, and I'll think ok. :) Could work with a little less cleavage, but ok.

  2. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cannot get away with this one. But she is still gorgeous.

  3. re JenAn - no one EVER looks good in that deep cut style, imo. You could have the most perfect body in the world (and she is coming close, I think) and ....I just makes your boobs look weird and your body look blocky.


  4. Oh Jen. Just, no. That dress is tough enough to pull off under 25, and is mos def not a sophisticated look. Not worthy of her almost-perfectness.

  5. They're all beautiful but are wearing dreadful outfits, the J. Aniston dress is definitely trying too hard, it looks cheap. I guess when u have so many events to go to you sometimes make mistakes!


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