Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Johnny Depps Premiers Blue Nail Polish

Johnny Depp attended the premier of his new movie, The Rum Diary, last night in NYC sporting an interesting suit and nail polish. I looked at (too many) photos from the event and it seems that Johnny had blue polish on all but his two index fingers. The latter were painted black.

His co-star, Amber Heard, was there, too. She opted for a Jean Paul Gaultier dress, a bright lipstick and nude mannequin nails.

Your thoughts?

Photos: Just Jared


  1. Amber Heard looks like Tori Spelling, but prettier (but who isn't?). Another boring cookie-cutter blonde. Now Johnny is another story, nail polish or no. So talented, interesting, and still great to look at. He's my runner-up to Clooney.

  2. I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and I think he pulls the nail polish of really well. Then again, I am used to seeing guys with black nail polish, so seeing his with nail polish is not odd to me. But I like that he matched his shirt color with the nail polish and had accents of black to make it more "manly"

  3. Amber's polish leaves the emphasis on her outfit and makeup. If that's what she was going for, I'd say she nailed it. Heh.

    Depp said his daughter painted his nails and wouldn't let him take the polish off. Too adorable!

  4. Charming story about Depp and his daughter. Good for him! I always find him interesting - he kind of 'gets' himself, if you know what I mean - doesn't seem to take himself too seriously...and always seems to have a little twinkle of delight in how lovely his life is. I like that!

  5. It's like old '40s paper boy with a splash of Captain Jack Sparrow. :) I think he looked a bit stuffed into that suit, perhaps a larger size would have worked better. Gotta love him though! him and Gerard Butler...ok now I'm going to slip into a daydream.

  6. No. Johnny Depp and nail polish does not work for me.

  7. I wonder if that's one of the recent Chanel LE blues? ~~nozknoz


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