Monday, October 31, 2011

Nikki Reed Shows Some Skin

I was browsing with only a mild interest through pictures from the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Premiere during Rome Film Festival. Then I saw a few photos of Nikki Reed in her Maria Lucia Hohan gown. At first I thought she was recovering from some kind of back surgery and admired her courage. Then I came upon better photos and closeups and realized it's actually an exposed zipper. I don't know: the side boob, the ugly back and the amount of fashion tape involved in keeping everything in place are all working against this look. Too bad, because Nikki is as gorgeous as they come.

Photos by Gareth Cattermole for Getty Images Europe via Zimbio


  1. At first I thought it was a strip of crystals, then I looked closer and...*sigh* a zipper, destroying a pretty, delicate dress. So sad.

  2. This dress would be amazing without the netting and zipper. What in the world was that designer thinking?


  3. I have never liked those 'cut to the navel' gowns. I am no prude but I destroys all the mystery - and sex appeal, imo, is all about the mystery. Side boobage is just silly. And the zipper! Aaaaugh!

    This dress is a mess!



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