Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker In Narciso Rodriguez

This is painful as I love Sarah Jessica Parker and usually enjoy her fashion choices. Sarah wore this Narciso Rodriguez dress for the Tower Heist world premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. The movie trailer looks as bad and undeserving of Matthew Broderick's talent and charm as the dress looks on SJP. It's wrong for her body type, image and, let's be honest, her age.

Photos of Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and their very cute son by PacificCoastNews.com via Zimbio.


  1. Oh, dear. Poor SJP. With lackluster (bad) reviews of her movie and now that dress...I think she's not having a good day in those photos.

  2. I think she's getting to the point where she's so thin it ages her. (My mom always used to say, "When you get to a certain age you have to choose between your ass looking good and your face looking good.") That'll probably happen to me too -- I have a bony chest, and in 20 years it could easily look like a bony old-lady chest.

  3. Agree. She looks scrawny. But I don't know if anybody on earth would look good in that dress!

  4. She may realize the dress wasn't the best choice - in the first photo she seems to be shrugging and shrinking into her body when her posture is normally perfect.

  5. That dress is a disaster. And like Ava, said, I think she might've realized it. I 'hope' she realized it. Otherwise......;-p


  6. Yeah, that's not great. I also say, over & over & apparently no one hears me, that if you're going to wear nude next to your face you need a LIP. (I do not understand this aversion to lipstick! Lipstick is our friend!)! When you're as tiny as her, you really have to be careful about fit, and this is just too roomy. That said, it's a nice change from the skin-tight and slit-up-to-here you usually see on actresses. And yes - that little boy is adorable.

  7. Well, emaciated is in--she's a prime example. And is thinking she looks terrific! Frankly I'm looking for some new fresh wholesome faces.


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