Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Uma Thurman At Louis Vuitton

Here's Uma Thurman earlier today as she arrived at the Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear S/S 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week. I love her red lips and her always unique look. Uma Thurman has the kind of beauty that becomes more exquisite over the years.

It's amusing to see that her beautiful dress (Louis Vuitton Resort 2012) doesn't have bra strap-securing clasps.

Uma Thurman in Paris photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio.
Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 dress from


  1. I don't think that Uma Thurman even looks like herself anymore. I don't think I would have recognized her had you not said her name!

  2. Have to agree with Roseanne... she definitely looks like she's had some chemical interference (or otherwise). Still very statuesque and stately, tho...

  3. ITA. She looks like she's going overboard with fillers--her face has that unnaturally round look that's replaced trout pout as the overdone plastic surgery giveaway.

  4. I think there is too much make up around her eye area, that makes her face look stiff.

  5. Plastic surgery or not, I just can't get enough of Uma Thurman. I've kinda been in love with her for years, and I don't think anything could chance that now :)

  6. Good lord. I would not have recognized her, either.


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