Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Katie Holmes & Uma Thurman Make Bad Fashion Choices

Katie Holmes failed miserably in selling me on this dress from her own Holmes & Yang line. While it looks like haphazardly chosen separates, this is actually a dress. I don't know what's worse: the awkward elastic-looking waistline or the top that was obviously uncomfortable (there are several photos of Katie Holmes trying to adjust it on the red carpet). There's also a fit problem that exposes her bra or whatever she's got going underneath.

Speaking of awkward, I can't recall Uma Thurman ever missing the mark so completely. Uma looks like she's heading to a Victorian Bar Mitzvah; I don't care that it's Lanvin. It's just bad, even on someone as tall and naturally elegant as Uma Thurman. Adding to this mess are the raw and unfinished neckline and too small a clutch that couldn't hold all of Uma's essentials and  kept popping open.

Photos of Katie Holmes at the LA premier of Jack & Jill and Uma Thurman at the 2011 LACMA Art and Film Gala in LA by Getty Images via Zimbio.


  1. Eek, I really wanted to look away. Poor Katie looks so uncomfortable in that dress.

  2. I'm forgiving Uma because she is beautiful. Hair, makeup, nails looks wonderful.

    Katie's dress is terrible. One could find something off the rack at J.C. Penney's that would be more flattering than that thing she's wearing.

  3. I actually like the rear view of Uma's dress. The severe bustle is quite striking. But the front should be severe and fitted as well and instead it just looks frumpy. Paired with the huge blouse and the weird poofy sandals? Ugh.

  4. Didn't Katie Holmes used to be prettier. There's something unremarkable about her now.

  5. wow. Katie is wearing a dress that manages to make her look both flat and dumpy - she has the weirdest fashion sense...

    ...Uma...that's just too much of a muchness, even for an elegant sylph like her.

  6. I like the orchid (?) color of Katie's top, but don't care for it otherwise. Maybe Suri designed this one?

    I am surprised that Uma's dress is Lanvin!

    Lawrence in Ohio.

  7. Katie is an example of what happens when you let a stylist put you into a dress that was made for an inanimate mannequin; not a woman who is going to be moving. Poor Katie looks so uncomfortable. She's really fighting that dress.

    As for Uma, she looks like the victim of a particularly untalented Project Runway designer. Not only is the design and structure hideous, but it doesn't even look well made. Except for the dress, which is a big exception, she's stunning. Too bad.

    Funny! I just looked at the word verification for this comment and it's "ouch". How appropriate LOL

  8. Katie is a cute girl but enough already with the smug little girl kitty cat image.

  9. Uma's dress made me want to cry. She has such a lovely figure and it drowned in that mess! Katie...oh well, nothing exciting.

  10. Katie's dress is from her own line? She has no-one to blame but herself then. It is very awkward looking - nothing on that top half works.

    I like the bustle on Uma too, but the rest of it just doesn't work.

  11. Katie - back to the bob. The hair's doing nothing for you and oy, yeah, that dress is bad. Uma herself looks gorgeous but is that... a bustle???

  12. Whoa - money can't buy taste, or apparently even a competent stylist! Very unfortunate.

  13. Egads. I'm at a loss for words. Well except Katie always misses the mark. Always.



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