Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fergie, Katherine Heigl and Michelle Pfeiffer Attended A Premiere

These photos are from last night's New Year's Eve premiere in Los Angeles. Apparently, I'm the only one who likes Katherine Heigl's retroish hairdo, while most other bloggers find it on the range between Hilary Clinton and a soccer mom's nightmare. I still think it's elegant and fabulous, or maybe I just like her necklace.

Then we have Fergie, who is blonde now. She also has issues with matching her face color to the rest of her. The red lipstick is nice and I actually like this blonde incarnation, even if I find Fergie to be moderately intolerable. See this pose that's one sticky tape away from a wardrobe malfunction:

To end things on a good note, here's Michelle Pfeiffer at the same event:

Photos: Dlisted


  1. I love Katherine Heigl's hair. I think retro suits her best - very classy and elegant.

  2. I think KH's hair looks GREAT! what? they're not happy it's not what? not in a bun/ not sticking out all over her head/not greasy and stuck to her ears? Not green?

    I just watched Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief (320th time, prolly) and her hair looks phenomenal. Very quietly, elegantly styled. Just like this.

  3. I rather like KH's hair. It is very sophisticated and it looks very pretty on her. Fergie on the other hand looks like she may have tanned too much in the past year or so.
    But I like her makeup.

  4. I agree; KH's hair looks very refreshing and the style is so flattering on her!

  5. Blondes on the Non-Blonde! Being that kind of blonde is a full time job...

  6. I sometimes wonder that women who are more endowed up top wear strapless dresses that seem to crush their breasts or make them look like there is a tourniquet running across the top of their chest. Just because you can (sort of) get into a dress doesn't mean it's actually flattering.

    Ah well.

  7. So, um....you're kidding about Michelle Pfeiffer, right? Because she looks scary awful! Her skin looks dry, her eye makeup is way too heavy and matchy matchy to the dress and don't get me started on the lipstick! She may have had some amazing surgery to preserve that bone structure, but she needs to get the makeup to go with it. Now for some snark on Ms. Heigel...she looks very attractive, but that hair is aging...not that aging is bad, she just tends to look older in a rather "non-hip" way, unlike Mary Steenbergen or Ellen Degeneres, who have a more modern edge to their look.

  8. I totally agree with you on Katherine Heigl's hair. Understated and elegant = Class (she haz it).

  9. I think KH's hairstyle is elegant. It's nice to see a celebrity who looks like she actually took some time with her hair (or at least her stylist did). Most of them nowadays look like they stuck their heads under the faucet, then dried off by standing with their backs to a fan. Which is exactly what Michelle's hair looks like.

  10. I'm usually not enthraled with KH, but love her hair. I have new respect for her since she adopted a special needs child, I saw her in a whole new light. Now if she could only stop smoking!
    Fergie is cute, but sunscreen is important, especially in the neck/chest area. I agree with the dress/wardrobe malfunction, one sneeze and it's all over with! I'm a fan of 'a little mystery is a good thing'.
    Michelle P, what's not to love. Always age appropriate and still looking wonderful!

  11. I don't know....Michelle Pfeiffer has got that "deer in the headlights" going on! and I'm on the love Katherine Heigl's hair team!!


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