Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Too Much Skin

I probably shouldn't dwell on these fashion missteps when the usual websites are full of photos from recent red carpet events showing gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses on everyone from Michelle Obama to Amanda Seyfried and Emily Blunt. But it's these mistakes and bad judgment that stand out and give us the "what was she thinking?" moments.

Lea Michele (above) was not just over-dressed for the New Year's Eve movie premier, she was also over-exposed. Several photos of Lea trying to cover up with her hand hint she probably didn't feel all that comfortable in her Valentino dress.

Then we have Kristin Chenoweth who had several outfit changes at the 2011 American Country Awards, most of them rather atrocious.

There's only one Lady Gaga, and that's more than enough.

All photos via Zimbio.


  1. I agree, too much! I'm not a prude, in fact I'm all for nudism-- but these pics mostly reflect a sad truth, that beautiful women in entertainment feel such an intense pressure to stay gorgeous, due to unendingly younger competition, that they resort to showing their tits to a ridiculous degree.

  2. Wow, that photo of Michelle Obama is the best yet. Perfect hair, and I've always thought she'd be so much prettier with a less exaggerated eyebrow arch. ~~noseknows

  3. If the deep v isn't done well, it looks as if the dress is too small for you and then you have little "accidents." I have to say, perky implants do not hide one's age, in fact they may over emphasize it. I'm rather bored with Lady G's antics. I'd probably be more impressed if I saw her in a classy dress, looking like a lady.

    Then again maybe I'm cranky because it's been raining all day. :)

  4. I just love your take on the celebs, Gaia! @Evelyn - I agree - I guess if you pay for them, you want to show 'em off!

  5. Too. Much. Boob.

    And what's going on with Kristin Chenoweth? She's always been as cute as a button, but now she seems to have had some work done. Her face looks tight, and her breasts (which were generous enough) now look like hardened knobs.

  6. Those dresses with the super-deep v are incredibly unflattering on everybody, no matter how toned. That's not a moral statement - it just looks bad, imo. From that first JLo Grammy disaster that looked like an open peignoir, to today's less obvious but still overexposed designs, it signals a sort of desperation that is not at all attractive .

  7. The only time I've seen a deep V look good was on a very thin model with less than A cup breasts. Then it looked extremely sexy.

    I don't mind cleavage. I don't mind deep cleavage but I don't like the look of seeing the entire inner sideboob with just the nipple being covered. I don't find that attractive. And while I'm on a rant, what female past the age of 16 has a boob so perky that is literally no settling of it? Boobage settles a bit if it's above a B cup. It just does. It's like a teardrop not an orange under the skin.

    Sorry for the rant :)



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