Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Angelina Jolie In NYC

There's so much noise surrounding Angelina Jolie:  gossip, paparazzi, charity work, kids, that it's easy to forget that she still is one of the most beautiful and glamorous stars of this era. Last night as Angelina and Brad attended the 77th Annual New York Film Critics Award Gala in NYC she was dressed rather simply, which made her look even more stunning. Between the flawless hair and makeup and the beautiful jewelry, I wish we had more starts who look so effortlessly chic as Angelina Jolie does (when she wants to).

Photos: Zimbio


  1. The bajillion carats of emeralds hanging off her body don't hurt, either.

  2. I was thinking she's kind of looking matronly even though her clothing is well made and well put together. She really uses makeup to her best benefit.

  3. She is truly glamorous. I love whenever she's wearing green stones--- they compliment here eyes so well.

  4. One of the rare times she doesn't look like a whore. The color of her hair is perfect, as is her makeup and clothing. With a body like hers, she doesn't need to wear a lot of junk--just let it do the talking.

    Yup, the emeralds don't hurt, either.

  5. That's a great look for her. Love the skirt - cut and length.

  6. I don't quite see the 'without a lot of work,' simply in how she makes her image to be against the grain (not even touching the home-wrecking tr*mp part). Style wise, seems like she has quite a few gifted MU artists working on her side because she's near perfected the simple, non chaotic and understated-dramatic effect, which she has down to a science, and I can only imagine how much work that takes. She has the best MU in the business.

  7. She has most def had some work done- likely injectables. She looks gorgeous & I'd love the name of her derm! Along with Demi's....I might give up a kidney for those emeralds. Holy gorgeous.


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