Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012- Highs & Lows Of The Red Carpet

Mila Kunis in Dior. Bored Now.

Angelina Jolie. The husband says she channels a praying mantis. I really like her in red lipstick.

Zooey Deschanel gorgeous and original in Prada, but the bangs are too heavy:

Lea Michele. Somewhere between a Vegas Showgirl and Bar Mitzvah in Long Island. Again.

Dianna Agron being worn by her own dress. Who's your auntie?

Sara Michelle Gellar. She took a risk with the dress but the hair and makeup are perfect.

Michelle Williams, true to herself an her personal style. Love her.

Claire Danes wore one of the best dresses of the night and then ruined it with harsh makeup.

Reese Witherspoon barely made it from the prom. Worst hair of the night.

The two Nicoles: Nicole Richie and Nicole Kidman were among my most favorites:

It's always good to end a post with the perfection that is Kate Winslet:

All photos: Zimbio


  1. SMG's dress looked like a screensaver. I was disappointed in Winslet's dress--I thought it made her look dumpy instead of curvy & gorgeous like we know she is.

  2. I really really love Kate Winslet and she is so gorgeous ! Pretty Lady !!!

  3. Wold love to know what perfume they wear on the red carpet, who are the perfumistas... Can't freaking believe Mila Kunis is already on botox. What a shame, I'd expect more from her.

  4. I couldn't wait to read your recap.

    Michelle Williams dress was amazing. That's what a Jan. dress should look like.
    I'm still on the fence with Angelina Jolie's. I love the makeup. I love most of the dress but I don't like the red stripe so close to her face. But, I'm just being picky. She looks great in so many things.

  5. Praying Mantis--it would be funny if it weren't so true. Angelina, whom I've always considered to be a phenomenally beautiful woman, looked gaunt and somewhat anorexic. When she was presenting, the camera got an unfortunate shot of her from the rear; revealing an extremely bony back. I can see why she likes to cover her front nowadays if it looks as bony as her back did. Her legs and arms are also beginning to lose their lovely shape. It was really too sad for words. Angelina, please take better care of yourself!

  6. Angelina: one of the most beautiful women of our time.

    Nicole Kidman: she (or her stylist) has a real gift for choosing dresses with a patterned decoration that are unusual and really work. ~~nozknoz

  7. George was enough, really. Try to top that, ladies.

    Is Mila Kunis making a career of looking at a dumpling? Totally unflattering.

    Angelina's makeup was great, not so sure about the dress. Brad still looked better than she did.

    Love Zooey's hair and makeup.

    Lea Michele was channeling a modern version of Dietrich's Vegas dresses. Not quite her, but not bad. Hair, skin, and makeup are fab.

    Kate Winslet looked awful, which amazes me. Skin, makeup, hair, dress. Kate, we know you look better than you appeared.

    And Michelle Williams. I am so tired of her and her pixie cut and round face and absence of style. Sadly, we'll probably be seeing a lot of her through the Oscars. Blah.

  8. Have to agree with Iron Maiden on Michelle Williams; to me, she just always manages to look dumpy or else like a little girl.

  9. I have to say, Angelina looked so lovely with that dress and I love her lipstick (I am a red addict). Nicole Kidman looked amazing, my jaw dropped. Charlize Theron also looked very well. Maybe I'm being a bit fussy, but after a while I got tired of seeing fishtailed dresses, one after the other. Not that some of them weren't beautiful but just overdone silhouette.

    The one thing that bothered me about a few dresses, including Kate Winslet's, was that the seams seem to be pulling. It wasn't so great to see that in the middle of her dress.

    Lea Michele...unfortunately it made me think of Dynasty. It also looked as if her earrings were pieces of the dress. More Dynasty! lol Too old a dress for this young lady.

    Did anyone notice that horrible dress on Piper Pirabo? (I still have no idea who she is but that's a bad dress) One should not go out in a tent.

  10. Love your (Gaia) and everyone's comments!! Overall, I thought the men looked really good, especially George of course! I would love to know what lipstick Angelina was wearing - didn't love the dress, something was "off" about it. I don't think Mila Kunis is getting botox, I just think she's put on a little weight. Liked Zooey, Jessica Alba, Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman. Kate Winslet - not a great look...and Madonna and that fake accent and that dress?? And Reese?? What was that and why didn't her dress fit? Sorry..I could go on and on...did you all see Lea Michele vamping for the photographers? WHy does she think it's good to schlump in photos?

  11. This is always my favourite part of any awards show. Totally agree with you about the two Nicoles, both of whom proved you could be a bit risque and still look gorgeous. Michelle Williams always seems to look beautiful. I also thought Sofia Vergara was stunning (as did most men I know).

  12. Michelle Williams is one georgeous woman - talent, style and brain.

  13. I think your comments about each celebrity were spot on. :) (At least I agree with them)

    LOL your comment re. Lea Michelle. :D


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