Monday, February 20, 2012

Janice Dickinson Attends London Fashion Week

I came across some photos of Janice Dickinson arriving at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show for London Fashion Week. All I could think of was that Vivienne Westwood shouldn't make anyone look this miserable. So I rummaged through some older magazine covers for a reminder how stunning Janice Dickinson used to be. It's not about age, of course. It's just really awful plastic surgery (and probably some unfortunate choices):

And speaking of not having fun at London Fashion Week, judging by the model's face at the Michael van der Ham show, the chunky gold particles over the eye lid and in the crease are probably as uncomfortable as they look:

Photos of Janice Dickinson and models during London Fashion week via Zimbio.
Magazine covers floating around the net and belonging to the publishers.


  1. Miss Dickinson was so pretty back when she used to be human.

  2. So sad, she used to be gorgeous! Why couldn't she just have let herself age gracefully :(

  3. Yikes! What happened to her lips and mouth? Pathetic beyond words :-(

  4. My eyes see it but my brain does not want to believe it. I had no idea she had ever looked so... human.

  5. So unfortunate what she did to her chin. I bet she would look a lot better now if she hadn't had plastic surgery.

  6. She doesn't even look like the same person...

  7. wow I would never have known she was the same person! She was so pretty once. What a case against having plastic surgery!

  8. Oh, dear; Janice has "done" herself to death. Does anyone really find this look attractive? She was a beautiful young woman, and if she had allowed herself to age gracefully while maintaining health and fitness, there is no reason she would not have been a beautiful older woman.


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