Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christina Hendricks Channels The Charlie Girl

Christina Hendricks leaves Mad Men's 1960s fashion behind and goes with a classic 70s look: The Charlie Girl. I have to say, I think this pantsuit is more flattering on Christina  from the back, as the tight vest is a little too short and snug, giving her odd proportions. From the way she holds her clutch, it looks like Christina realized it after she left her hotel and is feeling a bit uncomfortable. Still, she's lovely, and I can't wait for the new season of Mad Men.

Photos of Christina Hendricks via Zimbio.
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  1. I lol'd. She is posing just like the Charlie Girl.
    She's beautiful and I do like the suit but the vest should go. It's difficult for busty gals to find vests that fit.

  2. True, I think sometimes you have to accept that just because you can button something, it doesn't mean that it's suited to you. She does look good except for the vest.

  3. I agree with the other comments - she is absolutely beautiful, but she needs to lose the vest! She's very busty, and a tight vest does nothing for her figure! A loose vest that's left unbuttoned would be much more flattering!

  4. Afraid I have to agree that the suit is not for her. It looks better on the real model types: almost no shape to begin with.

  5. She's stunning, but I'll take her in a dress over this outfit any day

  6. I find it so sad that whatever she wears - it never really flatters her. Clothes are built without curves today - less seaming - faster to sew - cheaper to make. She really needs to stop taking her clothes advise from a size 4 stylist! She could look so much better. That vest so obviously does not fit = crinkles above bust on armholes! If she HAD to wear this vest a tailor could have made dart like seams where those crinkles are to remove extra fabric crinkles and 'curve' it in to her figure better. Whoever dresses her doesn't have a clue what to do with her.


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