Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiffani Thiessen In NYC

I'm not entirely sure what exactly Tiffany Thiessen was doing at at the 4th Annual Shorty Awards in New York City a couple of nights ago, and I admit to not caring that much. I couldn't even get through half the categories of the Shorties (it's the social media equivalent of the Grammys), other than to be disappointed that the Bronx Zoo Cobra didn't win in the Fake Account category.

 In any case, the photos of Tiffani Thiessen from the event caught my eye. I won't attempt to guess if her chin is something that occurs in nature, but will say that the leather dress is a miserable choice for someone so pretty. It blends in with her skin and doesn't flatter her one bit. Going all golden-brown with the accessories doesn't help, either. Tiffani could do much better.

Photos: Faded Youth Blog.


  1. Definitely not the best look, and the placement of those darts on her chest is rather unfortunate.

  2. I can't take my eyes off of what this dress is doing to her chest! It looks like she's standing behind a pane of glass and stepped a little too close to it... Squish!

  3. Totally agree about her boobs - just squashed. And I've never noticed her chin before. Is that new?

  4. Now you said it, I realize that the chin doesn't seem appropriate for her face. Not like Jen Anniston's.


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