Saturday, April 28, 2012

Charlize Theron at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas

When you're Charlize Theron, you have access to just about every gorgeous dress in the world, the money to buy it, and the body to wear it. So, how did this happen?

(You'll have to click on the photos to get see how bad it is)

Charlize Theron attended CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas the other night wearing a Dion Lee Fall 2012 dress with illusion mesh panels and back. Out of all the possible dresses, why this, Charlize? And the hole in the back is just the finishing touch on this mess.

In the immortal words of Tim Gunn: I'm flabbergasted.

Photos: Dlisted


  1. she looks soo fresh and beautiful, yet the dress makes me cringe!

  2. Oh my, I didn't think it was too bad until I saw the back. I see the hole too, definitely not the best made dress if it can fall apart like that. She looks lovely aside from the dress.

  3. Charlize is such an amazing beauty but even she can't save this dress. The dress makes her body look a bit like a broken mannequin's. The dress is interesting in concept, but I don't see any reason for a woman to be showcasing a dress that makes her look like a broken plastic doll. We all know Charlize can do much, much better. She's just so beautiful.

  4. I had to grimace at the back picture. For whatever that dress cost, I'm sure it wouldn't have been too tough to pay for a tailor.

  5. It looks like a DIY dress that a fashion student put together at the last minute and used fishnet tights to make it more "different". It just proves that cost does not necessarily reflect value.

  6. I'm speechless at the atrociousness (if that is a word) of this "dress."

    Lawrence in Ohio

  7. Poor Charlize. That dress is indeed dreadful. Her hair and makeup seem to age her. And she needs some supportive undergarments too!

  8. hahahahaha....nothing like a really bad celebrity dress choice! Is she pregnant? This dress is so bad in so many ways it almost defies description!

  9. She is still a gorgeous woman; but I must agree that the dress is as bad as you say.


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