Monday, April 02, 2012

Georgina Chapman's Casual Look

We usually see Georgina Chapman in full regalia (see below), sequined within an inch of her life in her own Marchesa designs, and expertly made up (often by an LMdB makeup artist). It's interesting to see how she does on her own when running errands and just being a civilian. The one thing that surprised me about these photos from last Friday of Georgina walking around in the Village, NYC, were the ratty accessories. I guess I expected a little more spark even on a casual Friday.

Top photos by Bauer Griffin via Zimbio, last photo of Georgina Chapman at the DIFFA's 15th annual Dining by Design Dinner gala last week by Andrew H. Walker for Getty Images.


  1. Hello, I'm sorry but this is not Georgina Chapman . There may be a slight resemblance but the body shape is completely different. There are many candid pictures of her online and you can see what she looks like in real life. I've seen her a few times walking in street in the west village where she lives with her husband and I can assure you it's not her. She's always looked glamourous even when walking with her baby. X

  2. I thought the same thing as Anonymous when I saw these pictures. It just doesn't look like Georgina Chapman to me...mostly because the body shape does look completely different.


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