Thursday, April 05, 2012

Rihanna In Pajamas

Here's a trend that really needs to go away: PJ-inspired fashion. A pajama on the red carpet (or elsewhere that isn't one's bedroom) is the kind of thing one that causes the "what were we thinking" syndrome (see: most of us and our photo albums from the 80s). According to RCFA, it's part sheer laziness and part Hugh Hefner, and you can see on her post that it reached some otherwise-stylish celebs like Salma Hayek and Sofia Coppola. I do think that Rihanna's version might be the worst of them all, though I would love to lounge around my dressing room in the Emilio Pucci suit. But a premiere? In pajamas? Please don't.

What say you?

Photos via Zimbio.


  1. Kill it with fire! Before it spawnsand we see more pjs! Horrible! Here is something to amuse you that is worse than those pajamas

  2. I would not say it is worse than those pyjamas. Not at all. It may be a poor imitation; but those pyjamas are the absolute bottom. The other is just not suited to the copy-wearer.

  3. All true, but in Rihanna's case, the pajamas look almost refined and elegant compared to what she usually wears! ~~nozknoz

  4. The pajamas out in public--meh! But the hair color is a huge improvement.


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