Monday, May 21, 2012

Miley Cyrus & Nelly Furtado at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

I didn't give much thought to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards until I saw photos of Miley Cyrus redefining questionable taste and Nelly Furtado giving a bad name to stylists everywhere. I don't have many expectations from Miley Cyrus and I shouldn't be surprised to see her exposing way too much of everything (the rule about showing either boobs or legs is there for a reason). The hair could have been adorable if it were the only statement in Miley's look. As it is, it gives me porn vibes.

Poor Nelly Furtado. I like her eye makeup (everything else looks a bit caked). Her beautiful Alberta Ferretti dress deserves a much better styling. Everything else is clownish and confused: the nude pumps don't belong with this look, the necklace is overwhelming, the earrings are atrocious, and that black bustier delivers the death blow to elegance as we know it.

What say you?

Photos: Zimbio and Dlisted


  1. Whoa, Miley! Rein it in, girl! I guess she's just feeling her oats after all those years under Disney's thumb. Sorry about all the horsey language, but with a girl like Miley, it can't be helped :-). Seriously, it's like she's having a late adolescence.

    As for Nelly, I'm speechless. To think someone was actually paid to get her styled like this!

  2. Gosh, poor Miley forgot her suit under her jacket!!

  3. I say ugh. And Billy Ray should have sent Miley back to her room to put her pants on.

  4. I dislike the short short fad right now; you should see some of the outfits my nieces are wearing. Yuck.

  5. Deary, deary me. I couldn't resist a look when I saw the title, my expectations were not high but it was much worse than I had imagined on both counts!

  6. Miley is rocking the "forgot your pants" look. And Nelly looks a little... stylistically confused.

  7. Nelly looks like she is having a contact lens giving her trouble.

  8. Miley is 19 and this outfit is too much. How will she look like in 10 years??


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