Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Beckham's Cat Eye

Victoria Beckham and questionably-coiffed David attended the 27th Anniversary Sports Spectacular benefiting the Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute last night. Those who said the cat-eye look over should take note of Victoria's makeup here. Nothing is passe until Posh says it is. I really like everything about her hair and makeup (the dress from Victoria's own Spring collection looks uncomfortable). And is it just me or did she let the inner side of her eyebrows grow back a little? VB used to go for the further apart look.

Photo of the Beckhams via Zimbio.


  1. I must say that I feel quite the opposite way about Vicki. If she does it, then it's just not cool any more. If she does it, it instantly becomes frumpy, too constructed and artificial-looking and slightly embarrassing to watch. I just can't with this woman. It is so obvious that she is not comfortable with herself. I mean, her idea of a party is eating fruit for her birthday... No. Just no.

  2. Gaia,

    The first thing I thought, when I saw this photo, was "wow. could either of them look any more bizarre?" DB is, in general, pretty hot but here he looks like he just escaped from a large laundromat dryer - but at least he looks comfortable in his own skin. Victoria always looks so brittle and unhappy. I can never get past that - and that's unfortunate because she seems to have so much going for her! I never even got to the cat's eye makeup, I was so busy wondering if she'd coated herself in plastic!

    ps. NOT a VB hater. Just bemused.

  3. Brittle and unhappy--those are the exact two words I would have chosen to describe Victoria. I love her clothing line. Sometimes her esthetic is a bit too severe for my taste, but she does have talent. She's married to a great guy, has wonderful kids, an enviable lifestyle; yet she looks so bitter and brittle--as if she'd shatter into a million shards if she relaxed.

  4. Her cat eye makeup and hair are amazing! I like David's suit, but I am not sure about this hair style on him.

  5. I don't usually pay that much attention to her because she always looks so artificial. However,does she always tilt her head at the same fake-coy angle for photos? D.B.'s hairstyle? Did he go to Tom Brady's hair"stylist?"


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