Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christina Hendricks- Struck By Lightning Premiere

My girl-crush on Christina Hendricks still lives despite her continued misguided choices of pants. I wish she'd just reach into Joan Holloway's closet and take home some of the flattering dresses, but I guess that when you have this kind of skin, figure and general gorgeousness, awkward pants are less important. Christina's makeup is flawless as usual. To achieve similar results around the eyes you can try either the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst (no, it's not purple) or Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier in Surat.

The clutch Christina Hendricks carried at the Struck By Lightning premiere is Honeycomb Envelope Bag from Corey Lynn Calter. It's fully beaded (see closeup) and very cute. At $123 (coreylynncalter.com) it's also very attractively priced.

Photos of Christina Hendricks: Just Jared. Handbag: coreylynncalter.com


  1. Wow! Just when I think she can't get any more beautiful, she comes out with a look like this ... more of a girlish than a womanly look, and yet it's done so perfectly. She looks so, so pretty!

    Though I agree with you on her unflattering pants choices at times, here I actually like those red pants on her. Paired with the white blouse, it's a very fresh look, and from this photo angle, the fit actually looks quite good.

  2. Christina is lovely. I'm with Suzanne, these pants are ok, certainly better than the others you've noted. She needs custom tailoring since she has a tiny waist, generous rounded hips and loooong legs. Probably a YSL style wide legged flowy look would be smashing.

    Care to make any suggestions about getting her lip color? I'm off to find the amythyst eye caviar and would love to match the lips, also. Thanks for your amazing blog!

  3. Haha, the reason she doesn't take those gorgeous dresses home is because they have to shoehorn her into them on the set via painful girdle bondage. I've read interviews with her where she has acknowledged how much she loves the look, but it's achieved only with a considerable amount of pain. Frankly, given all that, I think we're lucky she doesn't just schlepp around in sweats everywhere she goes!

    That being said, there's really no excuse for badly-fitting orange pants. Ever.


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