Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jessica Biel Channels Brigitte Bardot In Dior

I'm not the biggest Jessica Biel fan (mostly because I'm not entirely sure what there is to admire), but I can't avoid thinking she looked very cute wearing a Dior dress and channeling Brigitte Bardot at her best. As I was browsing old photos of Bardot I came across this one of her with Kirk Douglass. His Spanx made my day:

Picture of Jessica Biel at the 2012 Espy Awards: Getty Images via Red Carpet Fashion Awards. Brigitte Bardot photos from


  1. I love, love, love that look, no matter who it's on. The cinched waist, the super-flirty full's just so classic and feminine.

    I don't even know what to say about poor Michael Douglas there, lol.

  2. I admire JB's healthy physique...Love all the old photos of Brigette Bardot.

  3. I agree--I really liked her look here. Her style is very hit or miss lately, but this particular look was amazing. LOVE those heels. I think she's a lovely woman and really like her healthy, curvy body but girl needs a new makeup artist, STAT! Here, she looks ok--but 99% of the time she looks SO incredibly washed out/sickly that it's almost painful to see.

  4. Oh, but she pales in comparison to the real thing. Look at the Jessica photo and then the next two of Brigitte. The original is so very far the superior.

  5. I very much appreciate (and share) your estimation of Jessica; I have to say "not even close" here, therefore. I will add that Rachel Zoe does a far better job of channeling Brigitte- anyone with me on that? Thanks for the glorious (as ever) post!! xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  6. Nope. As above. Not even close.

  7. Not a fan, the shoes are awful and not the least bit feminine. She's a beautiful woman with a great body but she looks like a 10th grader at a high school dance. Love Miss Bardot, though.


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