Monday, August 20, 2012

Lea Michele At The 2012 Do Something Awards

Lea Michele should get some kind of an award for finding the cheapest looking Armani dress in the universe. What makes this even worse is that Lea chose to show all this skin on the red carpet for the  2012 Do Something Awards. This organization deserves better than Lea Michele's up-to-there and down-to-here display of questionable taste.

Proving my point at the same event were Olivia Munn, Kristen Bell (in Jenni Kayne) and my gorgeous girl-crush Ashley Greene who wore Michael Kors. Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America via Zimbio


  1. Yes, cheap looking. The dress too! ;-) Why do starlets and celebs (I don't know who Lea Michele is) think we want to see their bits falling out of their clothing?

  2. I am surprised! Lea Michele is usually quite demure looking from what I have seen; certainly not cheap like in this photo.

  3. Dear Lea Michelle,

    Stop channeling the drama-queen desperation your "Glee" character into the real world. This ain't the MTV Awards, y'know ...

    A recent Glee Un-Fan

  4. I think Lea Michele feels threatened or inferior in comparison to the more obviously 'pretty/sexy' stars her age that she has to prove herself by putting it all out there. Its a pity because as you say she just looks cheap.


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