Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Madonna In Moscow

Looking at these photos of Madonna in Moscow I'd never have guess what she was doing there. Her outfit says many things, none of them is "opening a fitness center". I like her relentlessness and youthful energy (I wish I could muster even half), but there's a severe lack of judgement in Madonna's outfit.  Uncle Karl's gloves, the kimono over her nightie and the atrocious boots and knee-high nylons... It was cute in 1984, but didn't we move on?

Photos of Madonna at the launch of her fitness club Hard Candy in Moscow by Ohpix/Bauer Griffin via Zimbio.


  1. Ha! Apparently, we have NOT moved on.

  2. ha. maybe WE moved on, but she didn't.

    if the boots didn't look so uncomfortable (like she's gonna tip over at any moment), i'd actually like them. the rest of it looks like a mishmash of things that made it through customs while the rest of her stuff didn't. and the belt is way too heavy for the fabrics.

    she is in great shape, though - and i would love to be that toned. just wish she would dress to flatter her wonderful body and not be stuck in this time warp.


  3. I love Madonna, I just wish she would accept that she *is* aging and do it gracefully.

    Because otherwise, it just seems kind of desperate :-(

  4. Uh, this wasn't cute even in 1984. She just looks bad and sad. Dear Elton John may be right,,,,she is past it. Constantly, and more importantly, desperately trying to provoke. Desperate is not good! Yuck!

  5. Ugh!

    Lawrence in Ohio.

  6. Sheesh, lady, you're almost 54, put some pants on!

    Cheers to youthful energy at any age, but there comes a point when you're not 22 anymore, and you shouldn't try to look like you are - you'll fail miserably (full disclosure - I'm 56). I agree, she's in great shape, and should take advantage of that. There's plenty of current and age-appropriate fashion that she could rock.

  7. I've always been a Madonna fan, but even I am tiring of the act. I remember very clearly an interview she did for MTV about 20 years ago in which Kurt Loder asked her if she planned to be like Cher and the Rolling Stones, still touring in her 50's. She rolled her eyes and said she thought it was pathetic when performers did that, that they could never hold on to their previous glory. Yet here we stand. Sigh...

  8. Her outfit says many things, none of them is "opening a fitness center". Agreed! She looks great ..I'm a big Madonna fan!


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