Monday, October 15, 2012

Katy Perry In NYC

We already know that Katy Perry has a serious taste problem (dating John Mayer is just one proof). The dress she wore last night when dining out in NYC is another example. One would think that going out on a date with your boyfriend doesn't necessarily require this kind of attire-- I'd imagine Katy could use some privacy and normalcy in her life. Well, neither this dress nor the boyfriend are the key for that.

(I was rather amused by the white socks, though).

Photos via Just Jared.


  1. Why do these pop starts keep dating him? I don't get it.

  2. What the???? She looks horrible. But I have to agree, the white socks are amusing. She looks worse and worse as time goes on. You would think with her money she could hire a decent stylist!

  3. This is a shock. She is such a pretty young woman; if only she would develop some taste!

  4. At least she can get into it without it threatening to burst. Did you see THIS monstrosity? Oy...


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