Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Lana Del Rey's Style

When it comes to style, Lana Del Rey seems to be two different people. Her off-stage casual persona is very tomboyish when it comes to clothes, though even when she channels a grungy college student there's usually last night's eyeliner, scary nails (I assume they're fake, but who knows?), and in the case of Lana's last week appearance at the Barbara Bui fashion show during Paris Fashion Week (above), she's clearly wearing a set of demi lashes. Her outfit, by the way, is decidedly not by Barbara Bui.

And then...

Then there's Lana Del Rey's red carpet/on stage persona that's all retro glam with shades of Amy Winehouse: huge bouffants, exaggerated eyeliner, little dresses. The gap between the two is so vast that I often wonder which one is the real Lana. The truth might be somewhere in the middle, as even with her jeans and t-shirts, the singer is often seen carrying a Prada handbag and/or wearing a pair of Chanel flats:

All photos via Zimbio.


  1. I effing love Lana's red carpet style.

  2. I swing between those two styles and a half dozen more on the regular :) I would find her music more intriguing if she performed it in the tomboy getups sometimes.

  3. Hahaha! That's my friend in the last and 4th to the last photos (he works with her). So funny to see him on a beauty blog! LOL

  4. Summer, can you ask your friend if Lana has orders of never smile to the photographers? because between that sad expression she always has and her songs I find her a very depressing person.... I know, it's not related with the topic of this post and she is a very cute girl but that attitude of hers really strikes me...

    1. Isn't there a saying that 'your smile is your best accessory'? In that case, you are totally on topic, and I think the non-smile is definitely part of her image which has been very carefully crafted. But I'll ask my friend for the scoop on what she's "really" like :)

  5. We love the fact that Lana tries out so many styles. She looks good in all of them :) Do you prefer seeing her in casual everyday wear or all glammed up? :)

  6. I know nothing about her except what I've seen on the Internet - never heard her music (not that I know of). But...based on her appearance, I'm not that interested - for some reason, she rubs me the wrong way. And I absolutely HATE her nails!


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