Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Naomi Watts Wearing Marchesa In Madrid

I didn't immediately recognize Naomi Watts when I saw these photos of her at "The Impossible" premiere in Madrid. I'm ashamed to say there was a second I actually thought "Madonna?". But it is the talented and beautiful Naomi Watts wearing a very classic Hollywood Marchesa dress. Now the dress... It looks like a good idea gone awry. I think there's a fit problem and too much fabric, especially on the top half, but the hem also looks a bit off. Naomi is fabulous and I like her lipstick and love the accessories- they really say "movie star". I just think she deserves a better-fitting dress.

Photo credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio


  1. Oh my goodness! "Dynasty" shoulders! I wonder if Alexis is missing one of her dresses :-P The dress is such a Hollywood cliché and coming from Marchesa it is such a disappointment. I think you're right in that the proportion is overly exaggerated and off. Looking like a line backer has never been flattering.

  2. I hope it looked better in person because I adore Naomi. I love the vintage idea of the whole outfit and makeup. She looks like she was having fun wearing it. How high are those shoes???!

  3. I agree with all of the above. The fabric and pattern seem too heavy on her delicate frame. The shoes are beautiful and the purse looks interesting (in a good way). I love the Dynasty comparison! After I read that, I thought about Scarlett O' Hara making a ballgown from her curtains (a more successful look if I remember correctly!)

  4. I know, those shoulders are shocking! lol Maybe if they were normal shoulders and the hemline came up a few inches it would be vastly improved. Great accessories though!

  5. I agree - she is so pretty, but that dress is just awful. If it fit her properly, it would be a little better...but not enough.


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