Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nigella Lawson Sports Some Serious Lashes

I can't say I'm too crazy about the obviously fake lashes Nigella Lawson was wearing the other day for a book signing event in London, but I love her radiant style and simple makeup (not to mention her eye brows). Yes, exaggerated lashes are everywhere these days, but I'll be happy to see this particular rend go away to die with the rest of the porn chic-inspired items. Still, Nigella is fabulous and I'm always happy to look at her. Now, if she only release a collection of her vegetarian and veg-friendly recipes I'll be one happy fan.

Photo credit: Bauer Griffin via Zimbio.


  1. I'm not wild about them, but I think she's getting away with them by keeping the rest of her maquillage simple.

    Love her work- I wish she'd do a veg cookbook.

  2. Ditto tmp00--I've seen far worse. These are pretty subtle, IMHO. But her brows are so ... round. And uneven (the right is much higher than the left which may be natural, but can be corrected a bit). Nigella, you need an arch, girl!

  3. Nigella is ONE OF US -- a dyed in the wool beauty geek. I grew up reading her weekly beauty columns in the The Times *sigh*

  4. I second the call for a vegan or vegetarian cookbook from Nigella! :)

  5. Okay, right. But Nigella is far from looking like a porn star even with these false lashes. She is pretty striking and well-dressed. No cheapie looking stuff here.

  6. She can get away with those lashes because she looks natural and does not have a fake tan like an oompaloompa.

  7. Can't say I agree on the lash issue, as it isn't porn inspired, but actually a nod to old-style glamour, we're talking early film old-style, and into the 1930's. Glamour was mainstream acceptable a long damn time before porn was.

    But I agree, I'd love to see her collect old and new vegetarian recipes into a book. And I dig her fifties-style eyebrows.


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