Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sarah Silverman Cleans Up Nicely

But has she found her true personal style?

Sarah Silverman usually tries very hard to make us not notice that she's a very beautiful woman. Her red carpet and other event appearances offer suffer from either bad choices or  a bad fit. Lately there seems to be an improvement, though. I guess Sarah realized that at 41 it's no longer cute to dress as a skater boy or as his misguided sister. She looked beautiful on Monday night attending the premiere of her upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph (according to Sarah Silverman was wearing a Bird dress, Chelsea Paris shoes, Vince Camuto clutch, and vintage earrings). The thing is that I'm not entirely sure that the LBD and heels are really Sarah's own style. Everything is pretty and right, but there's something missing: not necessarily color, but character.

 Is this the real Sarah Silverman? What do you think?

 Photo and information via Just Jared.


  1. No. I think SS much prefers to ham it up as a Jewish clown. She's too subversive for LBDs and pumps. I'd bet she seldom wears underwear, either. She's like Molly Picon, Sophie Tucker, Streisand, Bette: frowzy when she wantsa be and irrepressible.

  2. aren't we all multi-faceted and wear different hats at some points during our lives? We just don't all live in a fishbowl. Most days I channel Audrey Hepburn but my inner tomboy from my youth does make an appearance when I am with childhood friends.

  3. Give her a minute. If she is changing her style, it might just mean she needs to find it, first of all. She is indeed a lovely woman, though.

  4. She's pretty. (and very funny).
    However, I'm not crazy about her nose-job nose. I bet she was more distinctive/striking before it.

  5. I am a total fan but it looks like someone told her to straighten up for this event. Too bad, she could learn something from SJP or Helena Bonham Carter, both strong personalities who successfully translate them I to their personal style. I'd love to see what would be a true stylistic evocation of her wild and wonderful self!


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