Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Makeup Style of Bérénice Marlohe

Bérénice who?
A confession: I'm not a James Bond fan. These movies bore me out of my skull (the last Bond movie I watched in the theater was A View to A Kill, and that was only because of Duran Duran's involvement. Back then Simon Le Bon could sell me just about anything). This is why usually I'm barely paying attention to current Bond girls until they show something interesting on the red carpet or until they have a better project. I had no idea who is Bérénice Marlohe until recently, but I kept seeing photos of her with incredibly bold eye makeup. It's never your standard smoky eye, and the looks are shaping up to present a distinct style. It's an inspiring and creative approach for makeup lovers, and a welcome change from what we usually see. Not for everyone and not for everyday, but so much fun to see.

The photos show Bérénice Marlohe at various press events for the latest Bond movie and other red carpet occasions. All via Zimbio.


  1. Yes,it's very distinct. But I actually like it a lot. I find the first image inspiring. I'm going to try it out!

  2. I think it's interesting but she's dancing on that fine line between edgy and looking tired. You don't want to look like you've got dark circles under your eyes.

  3. My favorite look is a dark heavily lined eye. However, I do not like to see such a dramatic bottom lid liner in comparison to the upper lid. As someone already said it's a fine line between edgy and tired with this look. In some of her pics the bottom line is so thick and so smudged she completely bypasses edgy, tired and goes straight to crazy lady slash wino eye liner. Yikes. I do like this look but tweaked a bit and with just a tad cleaner lines. She is a beautiful young lady.


  4. Maggie MahboubianOctober 24, 2012 8:22 AM

    It reminds me of artist Shirin Neshat's signature look which is derived from the traditional Persian way of applying kohl or "sormeh" to the eyes. Not unlike ancient Egyptian eyeliner. A very exotic look for a brunette!

  5. I like how the teal makes her brown eyes pop! But it is a bit much, right on the edge of edgy. Still, I think she makes it work.

  6. Wow, that first looking is amazing! All the sooty eyeliner with that incredible blue looks dramatic and very chic.

  7. I absolutely love the look in the first picture. I love such sultry and slightly grungy looks. I have to admit to Bond films being a guilty pleasure, I had a huge girl crush on Sophie Marceau in The World in Not Enough.

  8. I like her eyebrows in the middle pic best compared to the other two eyebrow styles. They soften the harsh eye look a lot and make it more wearable.


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