Monday, November 19, 2012

Heidi Klum's Recent Style

At 39, Heidi Klum is already an empire. Still considered a supermodel but already deep in the next phase of her career as a presenter, producer, and designer; Klum also has cosmetics contracts in Europe, her own fragrance(s), and recently launched an adorable line of children's clothes. Heidi Klum is also the patron of several charities and an artist. As the host and a judge on Project Runway we often see her hold her own against Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Heidi manages to be witty and funny on camera, making us forget that English is her second language.

All of the above means that Heidi Klum is an impressive and successful celebrity who has gone far beyond the typical Victoria's Secret career path. Why, then, has she been opting in recent months for these tacky red carpet looks above? The last photo is from the Emmys while the other ones are from the lase week:  Heidi attended the 2012 American Music Awards wearing a sheer lace Alexandre Vauthier’s Fall 2012 Couture dress that did her no favors (top) and the various Versace gowns for the 2012 MTV European Music Awards. I have no idea how someone who sees Tim Gunn (as well as Michael and Nina) on a regular basis would think these are the right dresses for her. Some people blame her divorce and throw in words like "desperation" (I can't begin to tell you how much I hate this idea).  I dearly hope that a beautiful and successful mother of four who has the world at her feet can rise above this style abyss and get her groove back.

Photos: Zimbio and The Superficial.


  1. I don't think it's desperation, she's just exploring different styles. On her off days, I think Heidi Klum still looks better than most celebrities though.

  2. How can such a successful woman, with endless connections to the world of fashion, let herself be talked into wearing these outfits?!!Bad stylist/ bad taste/ midlife crisis? I just find it sad.

  3. She is such a vibrant and beautiful woman, but her recent clothing choices for red carpet events leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully, this is just a passing phase and she'll find her style equilibrium again. I don't see anything wrong with showing off her fantastic body or being fearless when it comes to fashion, but some of the clothes are just plain old ugly for the most part and are a distraction.

    I agree with Felix in that I don't think she is desperate. I think it is more the predictable need to make some changes after a long term relationship has ended. The freedom to change a hairstyle, try some outlandish outfits, experiment with makeup, etc. are cathartic and help the person to distance themselves from the past hurt. I think Heidi will come around. She simply needs a bit more time.

  4. I think she would still look gorgeous in a burlap sack, but I wish she and other celebrities would learn to walk and stand gracefully. Looking klutzy and gawky doesn't help any outfit to look good.

  5. Patty, I kinda wish she would wear a burlap sack!

  6. I think she has that expensive but tacky look, ie not good. Heidi is a rather funky dresser, left to her own devices. This is who she really is - she rather likes to 'shock'. And yes, I think it has an air of 'desperation'. Eva Longoria did the same after breaking up with her husband. This is the world they live in - the world of 'looks'.


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