Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Miley Cyrus Makes A Statement

Twenty year old Miley Cyrus is starting to worry me. I'm getting a vibe of Britney-circa-her-breakdown. What you see above is Miley's outfit for a Christmas concert at the Fonda Theater in Beverly Hills on December 8th. Between the buzz cut and the clothes this seems more like a cry for help than a fashion statement.

I actually thought her blonde pixie cut was cute and age appropriate, but then she started dressing like this:


And this:

It's not like the taste level was ever there, so my expectations aren't high; however, a very pretty young star who puts herself together like this makes me wonder what's going on in her head.

All photos via Zimbio.


  1. She is having fun and looks cute. 20 year olds are permitted tackiness. Simply a clear ploy to shed her Disney past. Tasteful is often boring.

  2. The top outfit is just...no. Zip crotch trousers? Side boob top? No.

    I can live with the mini skirt and jumper (I'm guessing it's the laddered tights that bother you, Gaia) but the boob baring/flashing is also...not cute.

    Shame, because she is a beautiful girl with a great voice. You can be fun/off-beat/quirky without flashing flesh.

  3. I don't know. This look is pretty common with that age range, especially on the West Coast. There's a grunge revival going on. They call it "soft grunge" whatever that is supposed to mean. It's all Black Milk leggings, softball practice t-shirts (sans the sports bra), and Doc Martin's. I see this look on tons of girls her age. And it costs a lot to look that cheap!
    I don't see it as cry for help but more of doing what other people her age are doing. Tumblr is filled with girls 16-23 dressing like this. And it's not cute.

  4. I agree that she's in her twenties and is trying new things out--it's just that she's doing it in the public eye. I'm guessing that she had a ton of restrictions on her appearance as a Disney employee, which would make these looks all the more appealing.

    I live near a university, and see similar looks on girls her age. It's no big deal.

  5. This might the fashion of the young ones these days, but I think Gaia might be on to something. I was curious about the performance that inspired the lovely outfit, and found this video footage:

    Beware, Disney this most certainly is not! It's got topless strippers, a juicy porn inspired video in the background and Miley gyrating with the host of the party. Enjoy!

  6. I was looking at her chest and then started asking myself, "Why do her boobs look like they're snubbing each other?" I don't think it's a good idea to make your cleavage look like they're moving in opposite directions. =P

  7. Did everyone forget her "chinky" eye incident?


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